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Maternity Services

We offer specialized medical care before,during and pregnancy for expectant mothers. Starting from personalized care plan during the months that you are planning a baby to after the delivery of your new born.

The doctors continually maintain their speciallized training and take certification exams on annual basis to assure their patients the highest quality of care.

Our pregnant patients currently have the option to choose from three hospitals from, for their delivery. These are Hoag Presbyterian Hospital, Newport Beach, St. Joseph Hospital, Orange and Orange County Medical Center, Santa Ana. All hospitals are either Magnet or regional centers of excellence and trauma center.  Our patients are seen by our doctor at every single visit. We have excelled in several quality measures to ensure excellent patient experience and medical care.

During pregancy patients are usually seen every 4-5 weeks intially , then every 2-3 weeks and in the end every week. There are several blood tests that are done at your intial visit, an initial ultrasound is ordered after the a detailed initial visit. During your initial visit, dietary and life style recomendations are made. The next visit is also very detail when all the tests and detailed history is reviewed and plan of care formulated. The number of follow up ultrasounds is determined based on your individual condition. If everything is normal, the next ultrasound is between 4-5 months. We do a sugar test between 6-7 months and pelvic test in the last month.

Our pateints have the convience of accessing their lab reports through the secure web portal as soon as the doctor has reviewed them. Your visits are also listed on the portal as are your statements and any messages from the doctor. Please be sure to keep your information updated so we may reach you in case of emergency. This can also be done through the portal. You may send web message to the staff. The usual turnaround time for web messages is 2 business days.

Our doctor is availble for our practice existing pateints 24 hours a day and can be reached via the office number. Our doctor will get back to you within 20 minutes. Our doctor is very responsive and takes pride in calling back in a reasonable time frame. If you do not hear from us in 20 minutes , in case of emergency, please call us back. The doctor maybe tied up in surgery. In that case you should go to your designated hospital. The hospital staff also has access to the doctor.