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Pregnancy Specialist

Women 2 Women Medical Center

G. Lara Bhatnagar, MD

OBGYN located in Irvine, CA

Pregnancy is a time of tremendous joy. Whether this is your first pregnancy, or you’re a veteran mom, the team at Women 2 Women Medical Center in Irvine, California, provides patient-centered concierge pregnancy and delivery services. G. Lara Bhatnagar, MD, is a board-certified OB/GYN who has delivered more than 3,000 babies. She and the team offer specialized medical care before, during, and after pregnancy for expectant mothers. For high quality, holistic pregnancy care, call them today or book your initial pregnancy visit online.

Pregnancy Q & A

How often do I see my OB during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, Dr. Bhatnagar usually asks to see you every four to five weeks initially, then every two to three weeks when you're farther along. You come into Women 2 Women Medical Center once a week during the last couple of weeks. 

What tests do I have during my pregnancy?

Dr. Bhatnagar recommends several blood tests at your initial visit, which is highly detailed. She orders blood tests, ultrasounds as needed, and discusses dietary and lifestyle choices that are good for your pregnancy and your growing baby.  

During your next visit, she reviews the test results and checks for signs of infections or viruses that may affect the health of your pregnancy. This is done at the first visit and should also include complete blood count. 

When you’re around six to seven months along, Dr. Bhatnagar recommends a blood glucose test to check for signs of gestational diabetes. In your final month of pregnancy, she performs a pelvic test.

You can review all of your results and access your lab reports whenever it’s convenient for you through a secure web portal at Women 2 Women Medical Center as soon as Dr. Bhatnagar has reviewed them. Keeping your website updated will help 

How many ultrasounds do I need during pregnancy?

After your initial ultrasound, Dr. Bhatnagar bases the number of follow-up ultrasounds you’ll need on your individual condition. If everything is normal, she schedules your next ultrasound between four to five months. 

Where do I deliver my baby?

Women 2 Women Medical Center gives you the option of choosing from three hospitals for your delivery. The hospitals are Hoag Presbyterian Hospital in Newport Beach, St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, and Orange County Medical Center in Santa Ana. These hospitals are either magnet hospitals or regional centers of excellence with onsite trauma centers. 

How can I reach my OB during my pregnancy?

Dr. Bhatnagar is available for you 24 hours a day. When you call her on the office line, she gets back to you within 20 minutes. 

She’s extremely responsive and takes pride in calling you back in a reasonable time frame. If you don’t hear from her or someone on the team at Women 2 Women Medical Center and you’re having an emergency, please feel free to call back. 

What if I need a Cesarean delivery?

Sometimes Caesarean delivery may be necessary due to complications with the mother or baby. Dr. Bhatnagar is highly skilled at performing one if the need arises. Dr. Bhatnagar also offers several different types of C-sections and vaginal deliveries, including: 

Cesarean birth

Often called a C-section, this procedure involves delivering your baby through incisions that Dr. Bhatnagar makes in your abdomen and uterus. She may suggest this type of delivery if your labor isn’t progressing or if you experience complications.

Trial of labor after Caesarean (TOLAC)

For patients who are good candidates for it, Dr. Bhatnagar offers TOLAC, which is an attempt to have a vaginal birth. If your TOLAC doesn’t succeed, she performs a Caesarean delivery. 

Vaginal birth after Caesarean delivery (VBAC)

Dr. Bhatnagar provides VBAC for women who’d like to have the experience of vaginal birth. This type of delivery allows you to avoid the recovery time required by a C-section. 

For holistic, patient-centered care for you and your impending bundle of joy, call Women 2 Women Medical Center, or book a consultation online to discuss your pregnancy.

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