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Colposcopy Specialist

Women 2 Women Medical Center

G. Lara Bhatnagar, MD

OBGYN located in Irvine, CA

If you’ve had an abnormal Pap smear, rely on the expertise of G. Lara Bhatnagar, MD, a board-certified OB/GYN at Women 2 Women Medical Center. She diagnoses precancerous changes and certain skin conditions via a quick, in-office colposcopy. Call her and the compassionate all-woman team in Irvine, California, today or schedule your colposcopy online.

Colposcopy Q & A

My Pap test is abnormal — now what?

Try not to worry. An abnormal result doesn’t mean you have cancer or dysplasia (a precancerous condition). In some cases, you may get abnormal results from various causes, such as recent sexual activity, human papillomavirus (HPV), or inflammation. 

An abnormal result also doesn't necessarily mean you need treatment. Sometimes the cervical cells may naturally convert from abnormal back to normal. 

Even if you do have abnormal cells, it can take three to seven years for abnormalities to become cancerous. Count on Dr. Bhatnagar to walk you through your results. As a board-certified specialist in women's health, she recommends the appropriate next steps to promote your lasting health.

What happens after an abnormal Pap smear?

Dr. Bhatnagar often recommends doing another Pap test to see if the results are the same and triage using adjunct tests such as the presence of high-risk type human papillomavirus. If your cells are showing early signs of precancer or cancer, or there is the presence of other risk factors, she suggests a more powerful test called a colposcopy.

What is a colposcopy? 

Colposcopy allows Dr. Bhatnagar to see the cells of your cervix, perineum, and vagina in detail. Your colposcopy is performed in the convenience of the office at Women 2 Women Medical Center. 

During the procedure, Dr. Bhatnagar uses a special magnifying video, scope to examine your tissues more clearly. She also may take tissue samples during your procedure. She walks you through the process and you can simultaneously see the image on a widescreen display. She explains to you what she sees in real-time so you can get a better understanding and put your mind to ease.

What happens during a colposcopy?

You undress from the waist down for this relatively quick procedure. Dr. Bhatnagar gently inserts a speculum. This part is similar to your Pap smear. 

You may feel slight pressure as she inserts the colposcopy device into your vagina. She highlights abnormal cells with a concentrated vinegar solution. You may feel a mild burning sensation from the solution. If Dr. Bhatnagar finds suspicious cells, she takes a biopsy, which is a tissue sample, to examine under a microscope.  

What happens after my colposcopy?

You may experience mild spotting if you had a biopsy. When your results are available, Dr. Bhatnagar follows up with you if the test found possible cancerous changes or if your results show no signs of significant problems.

If you've had an abnormal Pap smear, rely on Dr. Bhatnagar and the team at Women 2 Women Medical Center for expert care to catch cervical cancer when it’s most treatable. Call today, or book an appointment online for your colposcopy.

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